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Hotecl Quality Check

    Hotel Quality Check

    Before changing a running business it is very important to check the status quo. Only if you know where you are, you are able to develop new strategies and optimise your operation.

    Our checks are made upon a more then 300 criterias rating methods. As a result of the ckeck you will have a writen report including a classification of your hotel.

    For this we are offering three different tools:

    • Quick check: We will be one day on your property and make a check on all the viewable services and products. The result will be a checklist which will show you the rating of your business

    • Operational check (one overnight): The same like in the Quick check, but with the check of the service overnight

    • General check (two nights): Operational check and plus a general checking of all the property

    Also we are preparing you for the certification of the HOTELSTARS UNION which is required from 2011 on.